Brazil’s new generation: names to watch.

By Portafolia Studio,

top brazilian contemporary artist Renata Lucas

Francesca Bellini Joseph picks five Brazilian artists who are going global for the FT Weekend Magazine.

Renata Lucas

Born: Ribeirão Preto, 1971

Format: Installation and sculpture

Well-known works: “Falha”, 2003; “Venice Suitcase”, 2009; “Kunst-Werke”, 2010

Why she is important: Lucas produces few pieces – no more than 10 per year. Her primary market is very scarce but as the works are all unique they find buyers almost immediately. She has exhibited at… Read the full article here

Francesca Bellini Joseph is director of art consultancy Portafolia. She is a specialist in growth art markets and a consultant professor at Sotheby´s Institue Online. She is co-author of Kingston Smith Latin American art market report 2013 co-produced by Portafolia and ArtTactic.

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