FLORA & Phillips: A Dynamic Partnership

By Portafolia Studio,

Phillips tours in Bogotá

Phillips travelled to Bogotá, Colombia to explore the incredible art scene alongside José Roca, the Director of FLORA ars+natura. The art incubator has played a key role in the still-evolving artistic landscape of the city.

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Foundation and art school

FLORA ars+natura is a non-profit foundation and art school in Bogotá, Colombia that deals with the myriad relationships between art and nature. FLORA’s programs have had important implications for both artistic and non-artistic circles. Its team works closely with local communities considering social, environmental and political issues through contemporary art projects.


Jose Roca & Adriana Hurtado

Founded in 2012 as a meeting place for artists and those interested in contemporary art, the organization is run by José Roca, former TATE Estrellita B. Brodsky Adjunct Curator of Latin American Art and co-curator of the 27th Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil (2006), with his wife Adriana Hurtado, cultural administrator. Located in a former residential house in the working-class neighbourhood of San Felipe — which has since become one of Bogotá’s most vibrant cultural districts — FLORA is a space with an open character and a domestic scale, with a high level of quality.

In just five years it has become a point of reference for the local scene in Bogotá, establishing links with the rest of the country and abroad through international residencies, commissioned projects and intense educational activity. All of FLORA’s programs are free for the participants and the public.

Escuela FLORA

Since 2016, FLORA has focused on supporting emerging artists through long-term residencies in a brand-new building contiguous to the original house, with a total of 20 studios. While each studio is generously sponsored by a specific benefactor, whether an institution or individual, the project requires additional funding.


Phillips Latin American Sale

As part of Phillips’ Latin America sale this May in New York, a selection of lots will be sold to benefit FLORA ars+natura, including works by Los Carpinteros, Pedro Reyes and Maria Fernanda Cardoso, among others. This initiative is being supported by Portafolia Studio, a London-based digital marketing and collaborations studio that specializes in the art market. We invite you to explore some of the highlights from this collection and save the date for our upcoming exhibition and auction in New York.

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