Top 3 picks of the best art Instagrammers

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top 3 of the best Instagram people accounts of the art world

Instagram is now THE medium of choice as clearly stated by Hiscox Online Report, 2017. It has emerged as the favourite social media channel in the art world. On that note, we’ve picked our top 3 Instagram accounts of art world personalities who know exactly how to keep the art world on their toes…


Bret Gorvy, co-founder and partner with Dominique Lévy in Lévy Gorvy Gallery

Top instagrammer Bret Gorvy

Credit: Bret Gorvy’s Instagram account 

Mr Gorvy’s Instagram account is THE account you need to follow if you want to know about art, everywhere around the world. His strong individuality and honesty combined with his day-to-day life make him extremely personable and likeable. The fact that he never includes corporate branding makes it all the more enjoyable to scroll through his pictures without always thinking, “Yeah, he just put that to sell”. His images are chosen carefully with a lot of taste and more often than not with him standing in them, which make them more personable. You definitely can’t just scroll through his pictures quickly, as he loves writing huge texts to suit his post, which is always informative and gorgeously written. When talking about his Instagram account, Mr Grovy said “It allows you to get into the hearts and minds of major collectors. He added “People think they know you, and that pulls down barriers. People saw that I had a daughter, a dog and a home. I became less of a guy that sells paintings.”


Jerry Saltz, Art Critic

Top Instagrammer Jerry Saltz

Credit: Jerry Saltz’s Instagram account. 

Jerry Saltz has used his online persona to rail against the wild excesses of the market and claim his place as art’s social-media poster boy.” States Kenny Schachter. We know him for his provocative posts, which have the whole art world shocked and astonished and yet keep them wanting more. We also know him for his unique, quirky and colourful writing voice, which is at once dynamic, fun and impossible to repeat. Most of all, his Instagram account will make you laugh out loud. His captions are just as provocative, hilarious and somehow still intellectual, as are the images he posts. His images tend to derive from sensual subjects along with political debates and selfies. You’ll get a mix of naked Greek girls and boys, Donald Trump and just well private parts, every other day. The beauty of his Instagram account is that you’ll never get bored of his posts. In fact, you’ll await his posts impatiently, and you will always learn something new in the process.


Stefan Simchowitz, Art Collector and Dealer

Stefan Simchowitz, Art Collector and Dealer

Credit: Jerry Saltz’s Instagram account. 

Stefan Simchowitz is known as the art world “disrupter.” Everyone loves talking about him, whether it be good or bad gossip- he’s at the centre of it. Simchowitz is one of the world’s most successful—and controversial—collectors of work by emerging artists. He uses his Instagram to create a buzz, not only of artworks he likes but also family photos and a lot of pictures of himself with his signature clothing and beanie. What most people don’t talk about, however, and what’s most alluring about his Instagram, is his skill in photographing the images he posts. Captions, contrary to Jerry Saltz and Bret Govry are much less of an issue to Simchowitz, as his striking images speak for themselves.


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