Who we are

Portafolia Studio is a London-based digital marketing and collaborations studio that specialises in the art market. Our work is to increase the visibility of, and drive audiences to, art institutions, art businesses and art people online. We believe that people in the art world are sitting on vast amounts of knowledge, expertise and, beyond all else, content. We appeal to these qualities to help more art people and art venues improve the way they communicate to an audience that loves what they do and one who is yet to find out.

Portafolia Studio is a trade name of Portafolia ltd., an English limited company operating since 2013. Over the years the firm has developed a focus on innovation and technology in the art market.

Francesca Bellini Joseph I Founder & Managing Director

I am a London-based entrepreneur working on innovation in the art market. I set up Portafolia Studio to provide a more suitable approach to the often contentious topics of marketing and sales in the art world. I am a co-founder artppl, a social and professional networking app that uses geolocation technologies to connect people who are passionate about art while helping art venues to better communicate with them.

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A faculty member in the Department of Online Studies from Sotheby’s Institute since 2014; the courses I teach, ‘Art as a Global Business: Dynamics of the Art Market’ and ‘Buying and Selling: Inside the Auction Business’ aim at enabling students to get involved in the art market in the way they want. I am also guest lecturer at the Institute’s MA Art Business and Executive Education on the topics of The Latin American Art Market and Innovation in the Art Market, respectively.

I am a Tate Patron and Patron of the Royal Academy of Arts. Contributor to The Financial Times and BBC World Services, among other media. I hold an MA in Art Business (Distinction) at Sotheby’s Institute, a BA in Fine Arts from La Universidad de Los Andes and train constantly in Digital Marketing at General Assembly. With over 11 years of international experience in the art world, my personal driver is to spread my passion for art to all people around me.